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Aircraft brake pads

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Brake pads and brake discs for airplanes

The Gold fren company has been established in 1991 and independently manufacturing brake and clutch components in sintered material is now able to provide you brake components for your airplanes.

We manufacture brake components for motorcycles, even racing ones with speed up to 350Km/h, we also make brake lining for cars, for industry use, where we are able to brake down machines of weight of 300t. We as well produce brake components for ultralight planes and at the moment, we are proud to present you our products for “adult” airplanes. Our products are certified with German TЬV.

Why sintered components are the right choice and what are their advantages?

There are organic linings on the market, which are glued together by epoxies and are widely used in car and plane industry. This kind of lining is cheaper for manufacture and also easily available. The main disadvantage is lower effectivity and shorter life time. In car industry are these disadvantages balanced by bigger pads and weight. This is not possible solution for motorcycle and airplane industry, because these two factors are very important.

This is the reason why GOLDfren company, successfully exporting 99% of its products to foreign countries all over the world, mostly Great Britain, is now able to offer you sintered brake pads, so called ceramo-metalic brake pads. The main advantages for planes are lower weight and radical character of the sintered material, which is better brake effect, which progressively improves braking, which is the main argument in aviation in the matter of subsequent loss of uplift and raising braking effect.

Our product range contains brake discs as well. Our brake discs are different from traditional disc widely produced by many manufacturers, because many of these discs are surfaced by plasma. Because of this process, heat transfer onto the disc is impossible and then problems with overheating of brake fluids and burning of seal rings inside of the caliper. We recommend you our brake discs, which are free of these illogical things.

We have been making components for partners like AEROSPOOL s.r.o, Kaљpar a synovй etc for many years.

We thank you for decision for our products.

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